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Cyber-Stein - DB2-EN100 - Rare - Unlimited Edition
ATK/DEF: 700/500 | Attribute: Dark | Card Number: DB2-EN100 | Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: Barrier Statue of the Abyss] You cannot activate 'Future Fusion' or the effect of 'Cyber-Stein' while a Barrier Statue is in play if the only Fusion Monsters in your Extra Deck have barred Attributes. [Re: Chthonian Polymer] You can only activate this card when the opponent Fusion Summons a monster, including with a Special Summon that is treated as a Fusion Summon, like 'Miracle Fusion' or 'Power Bond'. You cannot activate it when they Special Summon a Fusion Monster with a card effect, like 'Metamorphosis' or 'Cyber-Stein'. [Re: Cyber End Dragon] You can Special Summon 'Cyber End Dragon' with 'Cyber-Stein' or 'Metamorphosis'. [Re: Cyber Twin Dragon] You can Special Summon 'Cyber Twin Dragon' with 'Cyber-Stein' or 'Metamorphosis'. [Re: Non-Fusion Area] You can still Special Summon a Fusion Monster with a card effect like 'Metamorphosis' or 'Cyber-Stein'. [Re: UFOroid Fighter] If 'UFOroid Fighter' is Special Summoned with 'Cyber-Stein' or 'Metamorphosis', its original ATK & DEF will be zero. | Card Type: Effect Monster | Condition: | Edition: Unlimited | Level: 2 | Monster Type: Machine | Name: Cyber-Stein | Passcode: 69015963 | Pendulum Scale: | Rarity: Rare | Set: Dark Beginnings 2
Condition: Near Mint $14.95 x 1
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Toon Masked Sorcerer - DB2-EN120 - Common - Unlimited Edition
ATK/DEF: 900/1400 | Attribute: Dark | Card Number: DB2-EN120 | Card Rules: No rulings available for this card. | Card Type: Toon Monster | Condition: | Edition: Unlimited | Level: 4 | Monster Type: Spellcaster | Name: Toon Masked Sorcerer | Passcode: 16392422 | Pendulum Scale: | Rarity: Common | Set: Dark Beginnings 2
No conditions in stock. $13.95
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Mirror Force - DB2-EN081 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition
ATK/DEF: | Attribute: Trap | Card Number: DB2-EN081 | Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid] 'Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid' will NOT stop 'Torrential Tribute', 'Mirror Force', 'Lightning Vortex', 'Fissure', 'Smashing Ground', or 'Hammer Shot', because these effects do not target. [Re: Book of Moon] If you are attacking, and you chain 'Book of Moon' to your opponent's 'Mirror Force' to flip one of your monsters face-down, that monster is not destroyed by 'Mirror Force'. [Re: Different Dimension Dragon] 'Different Dimension Dragon' cannot be destroyed by 'Fissure', 'Mirror Force', etc. Also, if 'Different Dimension Dragon' is your only monster on your side of the field, your opponent cannot activate effects like 'Fissure', 'Mirror Force', 'Raigeki', etc. [Re: Dramatic Rescue] You can activate 'Dramatic Rescue' when an Amazoness on your side of the field is targeted, such as with any Equip Spell Card, 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Trap Hole', 'Man-Eater Bug', 'Relinquished', 'Dark Cat with White Tail', 'Amazoness Spellcaster', 'Penguin Soldier' (even if it targets 2 monsters), 'Change of Heart', 'Ring of Destruction', 'XYZ Dragon Cannon', etc. But not when cards like 'Raigeki', 'Dark Hole', 'Mirror Force', 'Fissure', 'Creature Swap', 'Guardian Sphinx', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', 'Adhesive Trap Hole', etc. are used. [Re: Elemental Hero Wildheart] If you attack with 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' and the opponent activates 'Widespread Ruin', if 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' is your monster with the highest ATK, no monster will be destroyed by the effect of 'Widespread Ruin'. If the opponent activates 'Mirror Force', 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' will not be destroyed, but all your other Attack Position monsters will be destroyed. If the opponent activates 'Negate Attack', his attack will not be negated, and the Battle Phase will not end. If the opponent activates 'Magic Cylinder',